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The puriny one

I figure this is a good place to look for an opinion

Hello, I'm a GSU student who signed up for the program more out of curiosity than anything else. Now, this is my third year (but I'm definitely not graduating after my fourth year; I'm suck in here for a while), and spring was when I was supposed to finally start my "real" art classes. I've been doing foundation classes all this time, and I got a late start, so I've been itching to do that. Also, I have another class that, if I miss this spring, will come up again next spring, so unless I do some other studying and play catch up, I'll have to miss out on my favorite subject for some time.

So, I'm an art student who's taking art lessons for a reason. And, well... I'll say it! I'm an animation freak and I'd love to be part of the process, so getting that foot in would be good. Of course, Disney's been shutting down the department, so that's not so bright. Also, if I want to get into any sort of professional internship (that reminds me-the college program website says to go to the professional internships site for anything animation-related, but I can't find it on the site) or college program, I'm going to need some serious skills, so I'd really get to studying.

Which brings me back to this program. I'm not looking all that forward to the work, and I still haven't checked if the courses will give me any credit or if I even need the credits.

So.... what should I do about this acceptance letter?

Also, if there are any art majors here, what did you take while in the program? Did it help?
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